Happy farm - Idlib, Syria

In partnership with the Karam Foundation, the KellyDeli Foundation is supporting the construction of an animal farm in Idlib, Syria, to provide nutrition, employment and a community hub. The project will provide will provide affordable food to c. 15,000 people per year, employment for eight people, and agricultural & animal husbandry training to many more.  

The farm generates a small amount of revenue from selling the farm's products.  Through this revenue, the farm will be self-sustaining within 12 months and all profits will be reinvested into growing the farm.



Each cow produces between 25 - 30 kilograms of milk per day. The daily average output from the farm is 250 kg cow milk (7,500 kg monthly). Given the average price of cow’s milk 140 Syrian Lira per kilogram, we will generate 1,050,000 Syrian Liras per month (approximately $1,950 USD). Each cow will produce one offspring per year, doubling the quantity of the cows each year.



Sheep are only profitable for farms in the long-term, however they are extremely valuable for the community. In Syria, meet is a luxury and unless there is a community farm that breeds lambs, access to meat is very difficult.



The daily average output of the chickens is 125 - 500 eggs, with the exception of the months in which the chicken lay less eggs and when they are sick. With the price of each egg at 40 Syrian Lira, 5,000 Syrian Lira will be generated a daily average of 150,000 Syrian Lira ($300 USD monthly).

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